How Gearless Elevator Traction Machines Work? Why These are Better Than Geared Ones?

Passenger elevators are a common sight nowadays whether it is a commercial building, a residential one and more. These are not something that are new, but have been in use since the 1800s. However, when we talk about the types of safe passenger elevator types, there are majorly two that are in use – Hydraulic piston system and the Classic traction elevators.

The latter one works on the principle of counterweight system and pulley, which requires a machine mechanism to work. And categorizing these two – these can be identified into gearless elevator traction machine and geared ones. While elevator traction machines are quite complex, these are preferred choices for many because of the advanced mechanism and higher safety these provide.

Amongst these two, gearless elevator machines are more popular and used because of the many benefits these provide over the geared, one being the simplicity and ease of use, and another is that these have higher lifting capacity.

What is a Gearless Elevator Traction Machine?

These were first introduced way back in 1913, in a building in New York City. These are preferred because these work at higher speeds compared to steam-powered elevators, and can effectively be used in any building of any height. Gearless elevator motors have been so advanced and effective in their mechanism, as well as scalable, that even when the buildings become modernized and go through structural changes there is rarely any need to change the gearless elevator control systems.

What Type of Buildings Use Gearless Elevator Traction Machines?

Gearless elevator motors have higher lifting capacity and utilize alternating current motor, which makes these ideal to be used for high-rise and other building types. Gearless elevators provide high power potency and size-load capability which makes these run smoothly in a number of different building types.

If you are looking for a durable, high-lifting power capacity solution for your passenger lift requirement, you can consult with a prominent gearless elevator machine manufacturer in India that could help you deploy the best possible solution for your property.

How Does a Gearless Elevator Machine Motor Work?

Before this, you need to know about traction elevators. While these have been around for over hundred years, it took a bit of time for these to become familiar in use across buildings, commercial and residential. The earlier traction elevators were operated used hand-based mechanism, but in today’s times these are lowered and lifted using belts and steel ropes, working over a wheel, utilizing a pulley system. Gearless elevator motors are utilized that enhances driving system to work at higher speeds and with better efficiency.

Gearless elevator machines are defined by the components including deflector sheave, drive sheave, direct-drive permanent magnet alternating current motor, and dual brake system. Being attached with electric motor ensures the drive sheave is rotated instantly. A gearless elevator traction machine is distinguished from a geared machine as it runs in the same direction.

What Advantages Do Gearless Traction Machines Provide?

  • Smooth and Seamless Operation

These passenger lift motors are known for their smooth operation, and are thereby preferred by building owners and lift operators across the globe. This is because there no slipping and idling related to belt drive, as well as no transmission structure. These also provide reliable functioning, high-precision and no running vibration and noise.

  • Energy Efficient

Because of no issues of transmission mechanism, there is no mechanism power loss, which results in saving operating costs as well as energy. These are also easy to install, as the tractor is fixed directly on the motor shaft.

  • No Issue of Wear & Tear

No rotating structure results in no mechanical wear, but just only for the motor rotor shaft bearing set. This ensures higher durability of the tractor.

  • Ease of Use

Gearless elevator motors provide for ease of use as they have no liquid lubricant and thereby causes no leak. You can install these in any position, like feet facing upward or top-hanging. And it also causes no pollution.

  • No Need of Lubricating Oil

As you know these works without no transmission structure, this removes the need for using any lubricating oil related to speed reducer.

  • Better to Maintain as Compared to Geared Motors

Gearless elevator motor machines are low on maintenance as compared to geared motors. The latter one have large motors, and therefore need a wide range of maintenance tools application, along with frequent changing of grease for the motors.

Passenger lift motors in the gearless forms provide greater advantage over geared motors. However, these can prove to be a bit on the costly side. But with the amount of advantages you gain, higher capacity and load capacity, smooth operation and longer life make this investment a much better for building owners and lift operators.


When you are in consultation with a gearless elevator motor manufacturer in India, ensure to discuss with them your precise and comprehensive requirements, related to what functioning you want, operational efficiency, life of the gearless elevator traction machine and how they are going to install this at your property.

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