Induction Alternator is a device which converts mechanical power to electrical power, now it has to be make sure that the efficiency of alternator should be extremely important as efficient alternator will consume less diesel.

The J.D. Engineering works has achieved the milestone of touching the efficiency 85 %.

Not only optimized the rotor losses but also, less copper used to overcome the effect of resistive loses.

Losses in alternator consists of

1- Copper loss

2- Mechanical loss

3- Bearing loss

4- Eddy current loss

5- Core loss

Induction Alternator

This AC induction alternator for longer duration the fans are used to eradicate the heat produced inside the alternator having IP 55 protection. The long heavy long helps in absorbing the heat produced by the alternator. Normally ambient temperature rise if the system is 55 degree Celsius.

J.D. engineering has already produced approx. 40 millions of alternator in the last 35 years of time frame across the globe. J.D. engineering works manufacture Single phase induction alternator and three phase induction alternator. Used 100% Copper winding material.

Every alternator undergoes a set of QAP (quality assurance plan) and 48 hours on load testing for the temperature rise test ISO certified J.D. ENGIEERING WORKS has a team which not only make best products in the world but also efficient.

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