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When you are working with a wind generator system, what becomes the most important or core element of the entire system? It’s the wind turbine alternator. The alternator is critical that affects that life, functioning and the power of the entire wind turbine system. Thereby, it becomes important that you pick the right wind turbine alternator for your application.

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What is the Technical Aspect of a Wind Turbine Alternator?

A wind turbine alternator can be defined as an electrical machine, or a multiphase AC synchronous machine, by principle. Its main function is to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy that powers the wind turbine it is fitted in.

It can also be defined as an AC electrical generator having a 3-phase machine that renders an AC voltage and current system that is balanced. In this, rotoric magnetic fields and statoric fields both work at the same speed, or you can say rotates synchronously and consistently.

How the Wind Turbine Alternator Functions?

You can find wind turbine alternators or wind turbine generators having two different types of structures. One type has external rotor and internal stator on one hand while one has external stator and internal rotor structured on the other hand. Nowadays, permanent magnets are bonded with the rotor that renders implementation of DC current to the rotor, implementing the excitation of the alternator created by the coils.

Wind turbine alternators are used effectively, and are great for applications requiring stable and clean energy source, but where there is presence of strong wind. That means, in layman terms, we can define this as an energy source that generates electricity through the natural source of wind.

We have the international standard and quality wind turbine alternators – Easy to transport, install and are compact and convenient in usage.

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Wind Turbine Alternator Price

J.D. Engineering Works provides the finest quality permanent magnet generator/alternator that works without any reduction gear type or gearbox to convert mechanical energy into electrical power with ease and consistent high efficiency, low torque and high KW to weight ratio.

Our wind turbine alternators are not only the best in class and functionally durable, but affordably priced as well to provide you with complete satisfaction.

We provide different power rated wind turbine alternators, effective to meet your precise requirements. You can choose from 500 watt power alternators to 1 KW, 5 KW, 7.5 KW and also 10 KW.

These are reasonably priced for which you can consult us directly. Our wind turbine alternator prices are the best that you will find from wind turbine alternator suppliers.

We ensure optimal power and stabilized ability in functioning across our entire range of alternators. Each product comes with a 1-year on-site warranty support. Once you place your order, we assure you that it will be delivered to you in the least possible time with secured, safe transportation support.

J. D. Engineering Works – Your Home of Powerful Wind Turbine Alternators

Being in the industry for decades, we know the ins and outs of what makes the best engineering machines. We constantly invest in research, evaluation and market study to keep up-to-date with the latest in what we produce and provide, in conjunction with what is required across different industrial application from our product range. Thereby, we are able to deliver you the latest, quality, and affordable machines that deliver best in functional capability and efficiency for a long duration.

We have worked with some of the best names across industries, in Delhi as well as across India, supplying them with the best products. It is not for nothing that they have been our consistent business partners and customers for years and decades. This makes us

Certified and Extensive Range of Wind Turbine Alternators

What has made us a prominent and notable wind turbine generator manufacturer in India is our team of skilled, qualified and experienced manufacturers and component designers who are constantly evolving with the engineering development across our product line. Our entire line of wind turbine alternators is manufactured specific to the precise certification guidelines and principles and are accredited pertaining to the standardized process.

Custom Support Service

We understand that you could have precise and specific requirements related to your industrial application. With our experience and expertise in the industry, we are well placed to meet your exact requirements to the full with complete bespoke design service that ensures your business operation runs at high efficiency and you are able to maximize on the machine capabilities. We provide unmatched price support each time.

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permanent magnet alternator

Modal Name Rated Power Download Link
WT-300g-0.5 500 Watt Download
WT-300g-05 10 KW Download
WT-375g-01 1 KW Download
WT-450g-7.5 7.5 KW Download
WT-500g-05 5 KW Download

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